Water Damage Series – Part 6: Diagnostic Tools

Every job has its tools. Whether it is a roofer, computer programmer, or water mitigation company, everyone uses tools. Some of those tools fall into the more traditional definition like

Water Damage Series – Part 5: Equipment

When you call in a professional for help in any area there are a few reasons you do so. One is knowledge, another is to get assistance with labor, but

Water Damage Series – Part 4: Classes

Every water loss has a class. No, not a class in school, and it’s not middle-class or anything like that, but a classification. We’ve already talked about categorizing every water

Hazardous Materials signs

Water Damage Series – Part 3: Special Cases

In Some Cases, There Are Special Requirements This installment in the series is a quick aside. The category scheme described previously is a very effective way of describing how contaminated

There are three categories of water loss

Water Damage Series – Part 2: Categories

Water Categories – By the Numbers Whenever you have a water loss and call in water mitigation professionals the first thing that must be determined before starting any work is

The Grand Canyon, Partnach Gorge, and Iguaza Falls are all wonders of nature caused by millennia of erosion - water damage.

Water Damage Series – Part 1: Overview

Water Damage in Nature Can be Beautiful We revere wonders of the world like The Grand Canyon in the United States,  Partnach Gorge in Germany, and Iguazu Falls on the

Fire chaser preparing to do a board up at night

Fire Chaser – Friend or Foe?

Firetruck chasing or Fire chaser is sometimes used as a derogatory term. It’s a stereotype based on experiences some people have had with a few unscrupulous contractors. Some lawyers are

Cracked caulking around a sink

Caulk – The Guardian of (Under) Your Sink

Sink Caulk? Really? What are you talking about? Let me give you a realistic scenario? You finally get tired of fighting with everything under the sink every time you need