Water Damage Series – Part 12: Your Contractor

The water mitigation contractor is the third member of your water loss recovery team. First, we talked about the rights and responsibilities of the people who need things done: the

Water Damage Series – Part 11: Finances

The way of the world is: money is the grease that makes things happen. A cynic would say this is because people are greedy. I am not a cynic. Even

Water Damage Series – Part 10: Recovery Team

It’s an unfortunate reality that disasters happen to the best of us, the worst of us, and everyone in between. The nature and severity of the disasters will differ as

Water Damage Series – Part 9: What To Do

What If? Water disasters usually sneak up on you, and you will need to know what to do after it happens. Imagine you have an appointment scheduled with your significant

Water Damage Series – Part 8: Safety

Worksite safety is our top priority. Even without the regulations and guidelines required by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Construemax (and every responsible mitigation company) is concerned with safety

Featured Image Damaged Material

Water Damage Series – Part 7: Damaged Material

This series is about water damage to your home or business. Remember, we’re talking about the sort of water damage that destroys all sorts of materials such as wood, drywall,

Water Damage Series – Part 6: Diagnostic Tools

Every job has its tools. Whether it is a roofer, computer programmer, or water mitigation company, everyone uses tools. Some of those tools fall into the more traditional definition like

Water Damage Series – Part 5: Equipment

When you call in a professional for help in any area there are a few reasons you do so. One is knowledge, another is to get assistance with labor, but