Fire chaser preparing to do a board up at night

Fire Chaser – Friend or Foe?

Firetruck chasing or Fire chaser is sometimes used as a derogatory term. It’s a stereotype based on experiences some people have had with a few unscrupulous contractors. Some lawyers are

Cracked caulking around a sink

Caulk – The Guardian of (Under) Your Sink

Sink Caulk? Really? What are you talking about? Let me give you a realistic scenario? You finally get tired of fighting with everything under the sink every time you need

Down the Drain Is Good

The drain is probably the least exciting part of your house, refrigerator, A/C, or any of your appliances. I care about what is in my refrigerator, how I can keep

Drying equipment placed in a large meeting room

The Principles of Drying Your Home or Business

Humidity has a huge impact on how quickly building materials in your home or business will dry. In fact, it is instrumental to the strategy used by water mitigation technicians

The Basic Principles of Relative Humidity

Everyone knows what humidity is, at least in the most basic sense. It is moisture in the air. In this post, we will establish a context for humidity and water

Refrigerator Leaking Water

Refrigerator leaking water on the floor? That’s a problem. When you go to the refrigerator you’re probably going there for something to eat or drink. You’re thinking about satisfying that

Is Your Dishwasher’s Door Wetting the Floor?

Maybe your kid, thinking he’s original, wrapped a rubber band around your sink’s sprayer. Or someone dropped ice cubes from the freezer onto the floor and neglected to pick them

What Is Your Dishwasher Hiding?

Dishwashers can leak! And leaks can cause water damage. They can be a drip – drip – drip or more Niagara Falls, and anything in