Who Is Construemax?

  • Board-up
  • Roof Tarp
  • Water Extraction
  • Dry Out
  • Mold Remediation
  • Fire Cleanup
  • Smoke Cleanup
  • Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Tree Removal

After all of these Services, we provide Restoration services, restoring your property to pre-disaster condition.

Orlando headquarters
Headquarters – Orlando

What It Means to Be a Single-Source Provider

As a single-source, there is one company to work with from start to finish. That means that from the point you hire Construemax to address your wind, water, fire, or mold situation – through documentation and communication for your records and insurance claims – to a completed rebuild after full cleanup and mitigation. There isn’t any pointing of fingers identifying some other company as being responsible for some of the work or passing blame. We will help you from beginning to end.

For example, suppose you had a pipe burst in your kitchen, as a single-source Emergency Services provider, Construemax will take care of:

  1. Water extraction – if there is still standing water from the disaster.
  2. Removal of damaged flooring, drywall, cabinetry, and whatever other materials are affected by the burst pipe.
  3. The dry out.
  4. If there is mold as a result of the water, we’ll follow protocols to properly remove it and make sure the home is clear of mold.
  5. We’ll then rebuild to return your home to pre-emergency condition.
  6. We’ll also help you document what transpired and help you communicate with your insurance company.


We do not subcontract the Emergency Services, but when it comes to the reconstruction phase, as a General Contractor we contract only with licensed subcontractors. Rather than you having to find, schedule, and manage subcontractors, we do that. In this example, we will hire the subs for:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Roofing
  • HVAC
  • …and anything else that comes up

A company that isn’t a single-source provider will only do certain portions of the job, sometimes only one.

So in this example, another company might do the dry out of your kitchen and remove all of the damaged materials that were directly impacted by the flooding in your kitchen and dining area, but they would leave the rest to someone else. This means you would find your own plumber or if needed, the electrician. When it is time for the build back, someone else will have to finish whatever material cleanup is needed before the reconstruction can be started. If there are any cabinets that will be needed, painting, etc., all of those subcontractors you will need to both find and manage yourself.

If any mold results, you’ll have to find a mold remediator before any of the build back happens.

As a single-source provider. You call us and Relax, Trust Construemax.

What’s in A Name?

In our name we sum up our mission:

CONStruction with a TRUE belief in MAXimum quality! ConsTrueMax.

Construemax Owners

From RIGHT to left: Edson the second, Edson the third, and Edson the fourth

Construemax is owned by three brothers who are devoted to the company’s core values. These values can be traced back to their youth in Brazil. As a case in point, the brother who started it all had won many Kung Fu championships including being the Champion of Brazil. He developed discipline and had to work hard to reach his goals and achieve this success as a teenager. The tools he used for success are:

  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Consistency
  • Teamwork
  • Efficiency
  • …all leading to Reliability!

These tools for success in sports were also employed by the whole family in supporting the family. This required them to do whatever they could to bring in the money needed to survive. The brothers’ father was an Agricultural Engineer and Lawyer. He was Edson Brito I…the first. His sons are Edson Brito II, Edson Brito III, and Edson Brito IV, the owners of Construemax.

As teenagers, they all worked to support the family. This included getting up at 4 in the morning to purchase produce from the farmers to sell in the markets and on the street. It took integrity – doing the right thing, even when nobody is looking. It took commitment to rise in the wee hours of the morning. It took consistency to be there every day for their customers to trust and rely on them. With teamwork and efficiency, they succeeded in supporting the family.

These lessons were ingrained in them at a very young age and have followed them into adulthood and business where Construemax is driven with devotion to reliability.

Coming to America

Edson III, also called Terceiro (meaning third), enrolled in college in Brazil studying history as a prelude to studying law. He was planning on following his father’s footsteps. As a Kung Fu champion, he was invited to compete in the United States, but he couldn’t afford it. His American Dream then was just to go and visit. When he had the opportunity to come to America, he did. During a break from school, he came to the United States to visit his older brother, Segundo (you guessed it, meaning second). He saw that the American Dream was alive and well and much bigger than he imagined. He shifted his goals. He wanted to succeed in America.

He started working in Orlando cleaning. Cleaning floors, cleaning toilets, and doing what needed to be done to survive. He worked the night shift, and when he got home, he would study English. That is to say, he watched what was on TV at that hour of the morning, Dora The Explorer and Dragon Tails. He taught himself English so he could communicate fully in his new home.

Construemax: The Early Years

He started Construemax, a framing company, and worked hard, learning and growing. When the housing market took a hit and work for framers dried up, he brought his younger brother, Edson IV (Quarto), into the company as a partner and they started painting. They spent three years working hard as people fixed up their homes and hired Construemax to paint.

They subcontracted for some large companies who were working in a niche, cleaning up after devastating hurricanes. These storms can be so devastating that here they were, three years after the fact and they were still recovering.

The brothers returned to framing, helping people get their homes back. There was so much work and such a need to help with mold remediation and reconstruction that the company made another shift.

Enter – Edson II

Segundo, by this time, was a General Contractor and was building homes. They realized that there was an opportunity for them. Quarto became licensed in Mold Remediation and Segundo joined the company, bringing with him his experience, skill, and license as a General Contractor. This brought the company into the Emergency Services and Property Restoration business.

Following Quarto’s example, to better themselves and bring more value to Construemax’s customers, Segundo went back to school and became a Civil Engineer and Terceiro now holds a roofing license.

The family is united. Each brings unique talents to the team. Together they overcome challenges, seek out new opportunities, and lead the whole Construemax family to follow the core values that made them who they are. All with a single focus to help Construemax customers recover from disasters small and great.

No Regrets

Having fallen in love with this country, the brothers have become naturalized citizens of the United States of America. As Terceiro describes it, even before he was able to apply for citizenship, he was filling out the paperwork, he was so committed to becoming part of this country and taking full advantage of the American Dream.

Trips back to Brazil to visit the Edson who started it all, are always a bittersweet reminder of how far they have come and how things could have been different. There are no regrets, only commitment to their family, to Construemax, their employees, and to everyone who relies on Construemax to be there when disaster strikes.